Dragon egg found in Minecraft ?!?!

January 29, 2023

Dragon egg found in Minecraft ?!?!

A Minecraft Redditor, 'lufash' created a stunning dragon egg in Minecraft and provided a step-by–step tutorial. The tutorial photos were very well received by the community.

Minecraft Reddit is full of amazing builds and structures shared by millions from all over the globe. Like many others, lufash also shared a photo of his or her build and photos of how they constructed it.

A two-storey pedestal was built from nether bricks, lava and a lava base for the dragon egg. The pedestal was surrounded by a large Ender Dragon made from blackstone, smooth stones blocks, and tinted glasses.

Minecraft Redditor shared a tutorial on building a dragon eggs

Reddit was flooded with people who liked the post. It was also appreciated that anyone could build it using the helpful tutorial photos provided by the builder.

The original poster replied to the post explaining that they were unable to take photos while building the structure. CorelDRAW was used to create the tutorial photos.

Many people responded to the comments and expressed appreciation for the effort of the creator. Many people compared the build to the lego instruction manuals.

Others also suggested that Minecraft's complex builds should include these tutorial photos, so other players can make them.

What is a Dragon Egg?

Once the Ender Dragon is defeated and the game is over, players will receive a dragon egg at the central bedrock fountain on the main End Island. To pick up the dragon egg, players can use a torch and a piston to drop it. The egg can be used as a trophy or decorative item.