Where can you expect to find the warden

November 23, 2022

Where can you expect to find the warden

Minecraft 1.17 was going to release the Warden. Minecraft 1.17 originally was to add new caves and mountains, axolotls copper, goats and amethyst, as well as a new boss, the Warden. The Caves & Cliffs update was divided into two parts. There were goats, axolotls and copper in the 1.17 update. Along with the Warden, caves and mountain changes were planned for 1.18.

1.18 was over and no new boss was added to the game. The Warden keeps getting delayed. This begs the question: When will Minecraft players see him in the game?

Officially, Minecraft 1.19 has been added to the Warden tab. Wild Update will feature the Allay and fireflies, as well as frogs, new swamp biomes (the Deep Dark), and Warden who will be inhabiting said biomes.

It is not certain that the Warden will be included in this update. There have been two updates without the Warden.

Mojang has stated that the Warden will be arriving in 1.19. Players will need to believe them for now. They'll have to wait, unfortunately.

Minecraft 1.19 will be available sometime in 2022. Based on the recency of 1.18 it is likely that this will arrive in the second half 2022. Minecraft doesn't usually rush updates so there's no reason to hurry past the latest update.

This is not as disappointing for Java players. Java Edition can access mods more easily than Bedrock and has greater access to add-ons. This means features such as the Warden, and other functions, will be available in mods as well as official snapshots.

Bedrock Edition has some of these features but it is more difficult than Java Edition. To fight the Warden, Minecraft Bedrock players will have to wait until 1.19 is released.